Six Week Old Broilers

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Today the grass was looking parched because we haven’t had much rain in Central Florida lately. I had an idea, why not kill two birds with one stone: the grass can be watered and the kids can get some play time in. The kids just love the chickens and really enjoy being helpers. The chickens are very inquisitive about what you’re doing and are your personal entourage when they think they are about to get fed.

The broilers were getting a little too crowded in their Salatin style chicken tractor, so we built a new shelter for them to be more comfortable. As this is a grand experiment at this point, I decided to try out a different shelter design. It’s a hoop made out of 2×4’s, fencing staples and a goat panel cut in half and an inexpensive tarp. It is very simple to fabricate and much less expensive but it requires electrified poultry netting and an energiser to keep predators out. The drawback is that because the chickens are not enclosed like in a Salatin style shelter, they are much more likely to be victims of aerial predation.

Since moving the second group of chickens to the front corner of our property, people that are driving by slow down to check them out. While working with the chickens you always get lots of: looks of wonder, waves and smiles.

  1. Candace

    I pass by your farm almost daily. Today was the first day I saw the sign. I always slow down to see the chickens. They look so happy foraging in the grass, almost to happy to eat. I love that they are on real grass, not dirt or other housing.

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