We are a farm and nursery and offer a Chicken CSA, whole chicken and a variety of plants used in permaculture, edible landscaping and food forests.

We are passionate about healthy, sustainable, local food. But we didn’t start out that way. Not that long ago, we were pretty typical American consumers. We ate fast foods and box meals because they seemed quick and easy, though we wouldn’t have claimed our diet was healthy. A bad economy and a couple hurricanes helped us see how fragile our food system is and together we embarked on a journey to find healthy, economical, sustainable, local alternatives. Since we are sharing people by nature, part of our mission became offering what we learned, farmed and grew with the community around us. Thus, Bingham’s Branch Farm & Nursery was born. We like to think of ourselves as an ordinary family doing extraordinary things.


Who Are We

Charles (CD) is The Brains of the Operation. The farm is his dream and he has always led the way, even when the rest of us thought he was crazy.


Juanita is The Grease in the Wheels. She keeps an eye out for squeaky wheels and tight spots and is always on hand to make sure they run smoothly.


Pa is The Brawns of the Operation. Aside from a passion for good old-fashioned hard work, Pa knows a lot about how things used to work. You know, back in the day.


Grammy is The Executive Assistant. She is astonishingly great at taking care of the things you didn’t even know you needed until she told you. Like supper.


Alex is The Intern. He is always willing to help out and learn new things. He also comes up with inventive solutions for all the little problems that pop up during the day.


Brianna is The Saleswoman. She inherited all the down home southern genes. She welcomes guests with a handshake and a smile and will happily explain all the reasons you need a particular product.


Sam is The Sunshine. He carries a smile, a hug and a good dose of humor with him wherever he goes. And he can also be a great helper with the proper incentives, preferably sugar based.




Florida Nursery Registration Number: 48016562

Contact Us

Bingham's Branch

8625 Harrison Rd Lakeland FL 33810