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For a limited time Bingham’s Branch is offering pastured, non-GMO, antibiotic free Cornish Rock Cross broilers. By purchasing in bulk and in advance we can offer a significant discount that brings the price down to about $4.50/lb., a very competitive offer for the high quality pastured chickens we raise.

A 'Full Share' is 20 broilers over 20 weeks, a 'Half Share' is 10 broilers over 20 weeks and a 'Short Share' is 10 broilers over 10 weeks.

Chickens are processed on farm and are frozen unless special arrangements are made. Dressed weight averages 4.5 lbs each. Pick up is on Saturdays at our North Lakeland location. Shares are limited.

We are a small farm and this test run will determine whether we can continue to offer pastured poultry in the future. If you know anyone that might be interested please share with them. We would be willing to provide a drop off service if enough people in a geographic area purchase shares.

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What is a CSA?

Normally, a farmer has to guess what and how much will sell in a given season. Then he or she has to invest a significant amount and possibly take out a loan to purchase animals or seeds, feed or fertilizer, diesel for the tractor, electricity and water until the harvest and hope that he or she sells enough to keep the farm going for another year and feed a family in the process. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) takes the guesswork out of the equation and passes the savings onto the consumer. The consumer pays for the products they want at the beginning of the season and enjoys a low price and a regular supply of high quality products.


Why Eat Pastured Chicken?

It’s Healthier for You

Pastured chickens are significantly higher in omega-3, vitamins A, D3 and E and lower in saturated fat than their conventionally raised counterparts. They are given no hormones or antibiotics so you never have to worry about residuals in the meat.

It’s Small and Local

Bingham’s Branch Farm located in Lakeland, FL is run by an ordinary family doing extraordinary things to change the world.

By purchasing chicken from local small farmers, you help support local agriculture, and local small businesses. Your dollars stay in your community. You’re also helping the environment by reducing shipping pollution. And perhaps more important, your food hasn’t spent a week on the road getting to you. You pick it up fresh from the farm.

You Care About Animals

Our chickens enjoy the company of a small flock of friends who share their enclosure while they feast on fresh green grass, clean, clear water and organic feed. They enjoy the sunshine and the breeze when it is sunny and a comfortable shelter in the rain. Our chickens enjoy the best life we can provide.


Why Buy Whole Chicken?

It’s cheaper per a pound than buying it cut up. Because some parts of a chicken are in higher demand than others (breast anyone?) cut up chickens are typically priced so that the breast meat covers the cost of the entire chicken.

You can learn how to cut up a chicken. Learning to cut up a chicken is culinarily kind of like learning to drive, it opens up whole new vistas of possibility. Leaving the drumette on the breast can make a very attractive table presentation and is called an ‘airline breast’. Butterflied chicken is beautiful and cooks very quickly for those last minute meals.

Plus, when you cut up your own chicken you have some bones left over. That store bought chicken broth will do in a pinch, but nothing beats homemade chicken bone broth, which is surprisingly easy to make from a few leftover chicken bones and some fresh veggies.


Defrosting Chicken

Thawing in the fridge is an easy way to defrost chicken. Just put the chicken in a leak proof container for 24 hours per 5 lbs. A plus to thawing in the refrigerator is you can brine the chicken while it is defrosting. Can’t get to it tonight? That’s ok, food thawed in the refrigerator is good for a day or two and can be refrozen without cooking.



We are a ‘Limited Poultry and Egg Farm Operation’. We do not sell our poultry products outside of the State of Florida. Exempt P.L. 90-492


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