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Chocolate Mint (Mentha x Piperita)


This is a starter plant that is is roughly between 8in to 2in tall in a 3in deep pot. A smaller plant size allows you to take advantage of reduced shipping costs.

A sensory explosion of mint chocolate. Easy to grow and great as an ingredient in recipes.

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Visual Description:

Chocolate mint is an herbaceous rhizomatous perennial plant. It grows 12-35 inches tall with red stems and classic, mint-shaped, bright green leaves. In early summer, chocolate mint produces small, pretty, pale pink to white flowers. It also has a mild, minty scent.


Chocolate mint has a flavor reminiscent of Andies chocolate candies. It can be used to flavor water, homemade icecream, candy, cookies and much, much more. Mint’s small flowers also make it a good bee attractant.


Chocolate mint likes part sun or shade and lots of water. More sun generally means more flavor, but too much sun is not a good thing either. Mint is not picky about soil. Unless you have an area you can set aside for it, container planting should be considered to keep the mint from invading the space of nearby plants. If the container is set on the ground, it should be lifted periodically and any roots trimmed to prevent its escape.


Mints in general are relatively pest resistant, though cutworms, spider mites and aphids can be a problem. Thrips can also infect mint. Consider avoiding planting it near garlic or onions which thrips also like. The fungus commonly known as mint rust can also infect mint patches.


Peppermints are a hybrid cross between watermint and spearmint and it’s seeds generally sterile. However, it can reproduce through rhizomes and spreads easily if not kept in a pot.


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Combined Shipping Discount

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