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Halley’s Comet Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Undatus)


This is a starter plant that is is roughly between 8in to 2in tall in a 3in deep pot. A smaller plant size allows you to take advantage of reduced shipping costs.

Halley’s Comet Dragon Fruit is a striking climbing perennial cactus which bears a fruit with a good sweet flavor, with a dark pink inside that is edible and high in antioxidants. The fruit resembles a giant (up to 5 inches) pink egg covered large green, pointed “scales”, giving it it’s unique name. The large, white, fragrant flowers appear only at night between late spring and early fall and is self pollinating.

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It was cultivated in California and is a hybrid red and white between: Hylocereus Undatus and H. Polyrhizus. Dragon Fruit like lots of sun, and warm temperatures, but will tolerate some shade. Dragon Fruit can be planted in the ground in zone 9 and warmer. In cooler climates, it can be grown in a pot. It prefers evenly moist (but not wet), well-drained, rich, organic soil, although established plants can get by with less water. It likes to have a support or trellis to climb on.

Alternative Names:
Strawberry pear, dragon fruit, night blooming cereus, pitahaya, tuna and nopal


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